Importance Of Choosing The Right Captain In Fantasy Cricket

Have you ever dreamt of securing the 1st position in fantasy sports? Has your meticulously formulated fantasy sports team ever led you to the top ranks? If you have often found yourself wondering about the facets that lead to an assured victory, you will find yourself running out of fingers to count. Sometimes the influencing factor can be the pitch condition; it can be the breaking of a shell of an undervalued player or merely having the goddess of victory smiling upon a certain team. Irrespective of these factors, every match is bound to embrace a dramatic change of events that disrupts your fantasy cricket team.

However, there is one aspect that can pull all the odds in your favor if it is showered with thorough research and analysis, i.e., selecting the right captain. It is a known fact that a captain and a vice-captain derive 2x and 1.5x points, respectively, ultimately securing significant points in your favor. A moment of perusing your opponents’ team or those excelling in the competitions would convince you of the integral role played by a captain. The outperformance of a selected captain is what helps a team break through the ranks and propel an individual one step closer to the trophy or the winning prize.

Selecting The Right Captain

Every fantasy cricket app insists on choosing the right captain and vice-captain for scoring the highest points and having the lion’s share in the rewards section. The summation of all ten players together may not rival the double points incurred by a captain in a given team, provided that the selected captain has played exceptionally well in the match. However, none of us are fortune tellers or fancy visiting any. Therefore, it begs the question, how shall one select the right captain in a match? The variables to consider are as follows.

1. Analysis Beyond The Ordinary

If you believe selecting a team on a whim would help you attract the sweet pastries, then even selecting the god of cricket wouldn’t help you. Every winning team is a consequence of extraordinary research and examination of several factors that contribute to the stage an individual stands on. Researching the player’s overall performance, past performance, their performance against specific bowlers or batsmen, etc., can account for the right steps toward selecting a fruitful captain for your team.

2. Potential Play

What is the actual context of potential play in this article? It simplifies to the point that the player you seek to crown as a captain or a vice-captain should have enough potential and scope of play in a match. Merely selecting a player who may or may not get enough exposure or the opportunity to showcase their play should not be entitled to being a captain. This can help you to filter out all the players who may have the occasion or the probability to perform multiple times on the field in the medium of bowling, batting, or wicket-keeping.

3. The External Factors

At times, the location and the playing ground impact the play of every player. Before forming your fantasy cricket team, you must be astute enough to study the ground conditions and determine whether it is a batting or bowling pitch. Apart from that, the support of a crowd or a player’s individual performance against a certain bowling or batting lineup. All these pieces of the puzzle amplify the chances of picking up the right captain for your team, which would encourage other players to perform well in the real match and help you bridge the ladder of leadership and ranks.

4. Unique Against Common

We all know the regular picks for the position of captain and vice-captain in a given game. However, selecting what most of them prefer is like playing a battle royal only to see yourself on the losing side. Your captain selection should preferably be unique, a player many might not even consider for their fantasy cricket team. Having a captain of unique selection based on research that indicates the likelihood of them performing well can be the deal-breaker for you.


Selecting the right captain is like holding the intricate key that leads to victory. While many may grieve for the loss of their favorite team, you won’t have to grieve over selecting the wrong fantasy cricket team, provided your captain selection comes out with flying colors.

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