WordPress Website Design Trends 2020

Before creating a cutting edge website, it is good, first of all, to understand some of the popular elements in the community of WordPress. Essentially, you need to figure out what makes some trends trendy. By thoroughly understanding the basic design elements to implement, you will be well equipped to create a WordPress web design that is attractive, innovative, modern, and ultimately functional.

WordPress Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

When it comes to website design and development, WordPress tends to be the most trusted content management system. Websites are the instrumental essence of brand identity. Websites, however, share a specific amount of web industry with more than circa 30 percent of WordPress websites.

Besides, WordPress has always adapted newer ideas and technologies to ensure persistent innovation in the WordPress website design for users. However, WordPress website design trends have greatly changed in terms of adapting new functionalities and features that incorporate the user’s vision. Web design Mississauga has been steadily developing WordPress web design and development services to help businesses maintain their customer engagement.

Reasons to follow the WordPress Web Design Trends

Trends come and go like a shot. In today’s WordPress web design industry, the change of requirements and taste of the visitors as well as the ever-growing technology hugely affects the trends. Wherefore, it is vital to keep an eye on the visitor’s demands and state of the art innovations spearheading the market.

The trends of WordPress web design advances with the market’s trends and latest innovations. WordPress is inclusive of more than fifty thousand plugins and more than thirty thousand themes. This, however, makes the platform’s pace of development incredibly rapid. Amongst both plugins and themes, you will certainly find the best mobile-friendly options, latest AJAX powered search bars, and any other thing you may need to enhance user comfort and ease as well as blend the state-of-the-art trends.

Having the right knowledge is half the battle won. Beat the competition by keeping track of the web design trends in 2020.

Page Builder — An increasing number of people prefer to use the “drag-and-drop page builder”. It seems to be the most preferred technique for editing. The ‘what you see is what you get’ approach and block system allows you to create web pages with ease. However, it is quite easy-to-use, code-free, and beginner-friendly. Fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for having easy web page editing tools, this drag-and-drop page builder trend is likely to continue in the upcoming years with more page builder contenders to come as expected.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) — Both tools AR and VR have pulled the browsing experience to another level. AR is specifically beneficial for the eCommerce industry. It offers the best insights for the functionality and appearance of any product. Meanwhile, VR has a beneficial impact on the tourism industry as well as event-based projects. At the least-cost, it showcases the potentialities of the destination. VR is also beneficial for enhancing the value of a gallery and supporting other content. This makes it ideal also for non-commercial purposes.

Video Backgrounds — It tends to be one of the growing trends. If done rightly, video backgrounds transmit the message about a product or service of a company in a better way. Some website owners also use large background videos to showcase how good work their team is doing with fun. With the help of these videos, businesses can make visitors who are interested in their product or service, feel more personal. Video backgrounds are especially great for resorts, universities, charities, sports, travel, etc. websites.

Minimalism — When compared with video backgrounds, Minimalism is more popular due to the ever-increasing need for fast loading speeds. This recurring feature has no signs of stopping and it benefits websites greatly in terms of navigation, speed, and Search Engine Optimization. Minimalism, in particular, is essential to create a unique customer experience and take off the distractions that prevent audiences from getting to your content. However, minimalism creates clean and clutter-free websites.

Asymmetry — The need for grabbing visitor’s attention has given rise to asymmetrical website designs. Minimalist concept and asymmetry together enable you to focus on the crucial content parts and artistically display the images; this can further enhance the aesthetic value of your website. Various businesses across the globe have already adopted this concept. If you want to create a website that stands out in the crowd, consider adapting the asymmetry trend.

Multi-Purpose Themes — With the ever-growing popularity of WordPress, multi-purpose themes have replaced the niche WordPress theme. However, it has become the user’s favorite template. Multi-purpose themes are reasonable as well as have brilliant usability. Most importantly, the multi-purpose themes involve amendable functions, freedom to customize, and eCommerce features. The trend is ideal specifically for eCommerce businesses seeking to enhance search engine optimization with the help of blogs. In easy words, all business needs are bundled in one big bunch.

One-Page Design — Simplicity is the feature that is making one-page web design increasingly gaining its popularity. The trend caters specifically for websites with small proportions of contents. However, it is perfect to use if you want to highlight specific information and take off distracting features. With its easy to operate and simple navigation, a one-page design helps you attract mobile users. Besides, it helps you create a website with faster speed and lesser bounce rate.

Wrapping Up

The competition has become fiercer than ever since on and on people are becoming more conscious of the importance of having a well-designed website. However, living through today’s vast competitive environment, an attractive website prone to showcase an everlasting good first impression is a must. To keep up with the trendy WordPress web design, get connected with a professional web design company near you. Getting expert help is crucial to fulfill the fast-paced market demands and attract new visitors.

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