Space Movie 1992 – What Space Movie Came out in 1992?

What Space Movie Was Made in 1992?

In this article, we will discuss what is space movie 1992, what space movie came out in 1992, what space movie was made in 1992, how the audience received the film, and much more.

So, now we are going to discuss about space movie 1992.

What is Space Movie 1992?

Space Movie 1992, a science-fiction cult classic movie, was released in 1992. It was titled Gayniggers from Outer Space. This movie is just a parody of other space movies in the Hollywood film industry. As the users of Reddit remarked, “Don’t Google ‘space movie 1992‘” it was just a trick to fool the people.

Space movie from 1992 leads the story of gay men who planned to free from earth’s dominating women. The main theme of this movie is they try to build up a new homosexual society. Somebody mixed up the sci-fi genre with comedy and a gay atmosphere.

What Space Movie Came out in 1992?

In the year 1992, numerous science fiction films came out. The Space Movie from 1992 was a cult favorite for many. Space Movie or as popularly known as ‘Gayniggers from Outer Space’ is a blaxploitation short film. ‘Danish Performing artist, Morten Lindberg, directs Gayniggers from Outer Space.

Space Movie 1992 is a parody in the name of science fiction. The roles in this film induce a sense of satire. Such as ArmInAss, Capt. B. Dick, D. Ildo, Sgt. Shaved Balls etc. 1992 Space Movie follows a group of intergalactic homosexual men from a planet called Anus.

These men discover the presence of females on Earth. Before leaving, they decide to demolish every female using rayguns because the male population was oppressed. However, they soon realize that this was a mistake and that they need the female population just as much as the male population. They leave back a “Gay Ambassador” to teach earthlings about their new life.

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gayniggers from outer space 1992

If somebody now asks you what Space Movie came out in 1992, the direct answer should be ‘Gayniggers from Outer Space.’ The running time of this movie is 26 minutes. Originally written by Per Kristensen & Morten Lindberg, produced by Dino Raymond Hansen and Lamont Sanford.

Cinematographer Henrik Kristenson and editor Prami Larsen did a fairly good job. The Stockholm Queer Film Festival (2006) initially released Space Movie 1992. However, it was later distributed by the Danish Film Institute.

Do you know about the Space movie 1992? It is titled Gayniggers from Outer Space and it is a blaxploitation short movie. It was just a spoof of the other Space movies in Hollywood at that time. Many people came to know about this film when some Redditors asked them not to Google “space movie 1992”. As a result, people were more interested in the film and wanted to know more about it. It was a trick to fool the people to search for the words. This trend created a stir on Reddit. In addition to movies, many people also searched file converting software on Reddit, and one of the most popular is EdbMails OST to PST converter.

The story of the Gayniggers from Outer Space is about extraterrestrial beings that plan to free the men of the earth from dominating women. They try to start a new homosexual society. So the film is a comedy, a gay film, and a sci-fi film. You can find all the details about “space movie 1992” here.

What space movie was made in 1992?

The Gayniggers from Outer Space is a type of blaxploitation short film. The director of the film is the Danish artist Morten Lindberg. Someone made it as a parody of the science fiction genre.

The Intergalactic black men from planet Anus find that women live on earth. Therefore they try to eliminate the womankind with their rayguns. Through this act, the men of the earth start to feel grateful for the black men. The extra-terrestrials leave a gay ambassador behind on earth to teach men about the new way of life.

The film begins in a black and white picture but later turns to a color similar to the Wizard of OZ film. The director revealed that he added this touch in the film for dramatic effect to show how the world gets freed from oppressive women.

Watch the following YouTube Video about the Outer Space Movie that Came out in 1992:

“Gayniggers From Outer Space”: A Space Movie 1992, A Journey That Raises Issues Like Religion, Sexuality, Freedom, Gender and Race.

Morten Lindberg directed the space movie Gayniggers From Outer Space in 1992. This short sci-fi/ comedy movie is about a group of gay men who are aliens from outer space. Dino Raymond Hensen and Lamont Sanford were the producers of the 1992 space movie, ‘Gayniggers From Outer Space. Per Kristensen and Morten Lindberg were the writers of the movie and distributed by Det Danske Filminstitut.

Why are Gayniggers from Outer Space under scrutiny?

Many people amuse themselves by joking about the film. However, most comments are negative. Many think that the film is making fun of gay people. People say a lot of bad things about women in the film. After that, the film shows the extraterrestrials as black men. Social media platforms discuss many topics in the film.

In this way, it has gotten the attention of many communities. Many ask others to search for what space movie came out in 1992 on Google. After that, they will get the results and watch the film.

After watching the film some people feel that the film is racist. At first, the trick on Reddit was just a joke. However, it quickly spread across social media and became one of the top auto-fill suggestions on Google. The intentions of the film are considered doubtful. This proves that the film is not only a parody of space films, but also a film that makes fun of many things. One can find many homosexual and racial jokes in it.

How many cruel pranksters are using the film to throw racist jokes at other people? Many Twitter users are praising the film knowing full well about its plot. However, some people are spreading vile abuse about space movies from 1992.

How did the audience receive the film?

Someone categorized the film as a gay movie. Many nerdy white boys liked the film as they preferred the concept of blaxploitation. Further, this film was used as a campaign by the troll group on the internet called Gay Nigger Association of America in 2000.

However, today many Reddit users question whether the film is a parody or if it is a bigoted and homophobic film. In 2020 many people started to discuss the various aspects of the film. Many jokes are also spreading on social media about the film. In addition, people are sharing their own experiences with the film. There are countless memes about the film too.

The co-host of The Joe Rogan Experience Brian Redban tweeted “Don’t GOOGLE “SPACE MOVIE 1992″. By doing this he too joined the frenzy of space movies in 1992.


When people saw the space movie 1992, it had little effect on them. However, today it has become a subject of many discussions. It has led to a lot of thoughts about racism and homophobia. There are many great movie apps where you can watch this movie. You just have to search space movie 1992 in that app.

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