8 Important Questions to Ask from Your Packers and Movers

Choosing a legitimate mover is one of the toughest tasks for you. If you are moving for the first time, you should be careful about selecting a professional moving company. The reason is that you need guidance from them at every single step of your move. Contacting professional movers seem to be easy but it takes time to finalize a moving company. If you are looking for registered packers and movers from Pune to Delhi, then you should devote some time to research a professional moving company.

The simple way to choose a reliable company is to get the answers to the questions that hover in your mind. If you are hell-bent on booking reliable movers, all you need to do is to ask the important questions from your movers. Some of the questions that you may ask your movers are as follows:-

How many years of experience do you have in the logistics domain?

Well, this is one of the common questions that you should ask from your movers. If they hold years of experience in this field, they will certainly understand your moving requirements and offer you their services accordingly. You should gather information about their inception date. This will help you know about the experience of a moving company in the market. If your movers are experienced, they will surely be able to transport any bulky item in your home with much ease.

What is there in a quote?

You should also ask about the costs that are not there in the quote. There might be a few additional costs that might not be there in the quote. Once you ask this question, your movers will tell you about all the costs that they have included in the quote. This will help you know about the amount that you will have to pay your movers. If you are already aware of the charges you need to pay your movers, you can save your money at the time of paying your bill.

Do your employees do all the moving work or will you hire any contractors from outside?

By asking this question, you can learn about the skills of the employees of your chosen moving company. In general, the movers recruit their team to accomplish your moving task. These officials bear all the responsibilities of your move and accomplish the overall moving task with precision. However, if you come across a company that hires contractors from outside, then it is better not to book these movers.

How will you safeguard my fragile articles?

This is one of the most important questions that everyone wants to ask from his moving company. The reason is that every one of us is scared of any damage to our fragile and valuable articles. So, you have every right to know about the packing supplies the movers will use to protect your fragile articles during the move. In general, the leading packers and movers from Pune to Hyderabad use quality packing supplies to wrap your goods. These packing supplies include bubble wrap, cardboard, and other qualitative materials to protect your goods during the overall transportation process.

Do you have a license?

Another important question that you must ask from your moving company is whether it is a licensed company or not. Most packers and movers have fake licenses and registration documents with them. So, you need to ask your moving company whether it has legitimate documents that allow it to operate in the market. You can also ask for other important documents from your moving company before finalizing it.

What is your permanent address?

Most movers post fake addresses on their websites. So, it is better to know about its permanent address. You can check the address of your moving company by visiting its physical address. If everything is ok, you can proceed with your relocation. Many people do not ask this question from their movers and regret hiring them. The fraud movers post incomplete addresses on their site so the customers don’t find any company at their given address. This provides unbearable stress to them during the move. Hence you should always inquire about the physical address of their office.

Do you have the best moving tools with you?

You should also ask this question as your household items are at stake during the move. The reputed packers and movers from Pune to Mumbai always use the best quality moving tools to load your articles safely during the move. They also use these tools to unload your articles after delivery.

So, if your chosen company makes the best use of modern moving tools, you should hire these movers without having any second thoughts. These tools are immensely helpful for the movers in transporting your goods to your desired destination without any scratch. They also help them speed up your moving process as your movers can easily move your goods without much effort. However, if your moving company does not have the right moving supplies, then you should not book them as they can provide damage your goods during the moving process.

Can you offer storage services?

Many people are in dire need of quality storage services. So, if you are the one who wants to avail of these services, you should ask this question from your mover. Most renowned movers offer these services to clients. So, if your moving company too is ready to provide these services, then you should book this company straight away. Storage services are extremely helpful for you as you can protect your electronic and fragile articles easily by availing of these services.

The movers can easily provide you with storage units of every size so that you can easily keep these articles in them. They are climate-controlled so these items do not get affected by the external temperature. Hence, it is extremely important to ask your moving company whether it offers storage services or not.


Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you can ask other questions to judge the credibility of your movers. Once you get satisfactory answers to them, then you can go ahead with your move.

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