The Best Solution For Tooth Loss: Dental Implants

One of the most prominent advancements in the field of dentistry is the advent of dental implant surgery. The only ultimate solutions available to replace the tooth loss prior to the launch of dental implants were bridges and dentures. However, dental implants tend to be the most attractive and convenient solution for people who have lost their tooth due to decay or injury. The procedure is said to be a permanent option.

Give Your Tooth Loss A Permanent Solutions

Missing, damaged, or decaying teeth creates discomfort and pain while eating. It makes people lose their confidence while smiling and interacting with others. Fortunately, there are various dental devices and orthodontic treatments that can help you overcome the issues of decaying, damaged, or missing teeth. The three possible options are dentures, bridges, and dental implant surgery. The right combination of options completely depends on your specific situation. And however, you will need to visit dental implant specialist Dr. Farzin Farshidi in Orange County to decide the right option that can work the best for you.

The key difference in various options available for teeth replacement is if they are permanent or removable. Dentures are often removable; whereas bridges can be both permanent or removable. But, what about the dental implants? Are they permanent or removable? The way they are placed, they function, and their longevity, makes implants excel other tooth replacement options. The functionality of implanted teeth is completely different than other replacement options.

What is the success rate of dental implant

The success rate of this procedure hugely depends on the spot of the missing teeth. But, according to the studies by the “American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons” the average success rate is over and above 95%. Implants penetrate the gum and jaw bone. Nevertheless, this procedure may not be the right option for certain people, especially for those who are diabetic or who smoke. Based on your particular situation, your orthodontist can only tell whether the procedure is right for you or not.

How to implant teeth?

Well, the procedure is to be done by an experienced surgeon. Dental implant surgery is carried out with surgical-grade titanium. The oral surgeon will cut your gum open and expose your jaw bone. The surgeon will now drill the bone and place the titanium post beneath the gums and deep into the jaw bone. Within a specific period, the implant will safely fuse to your bone and will play the part of a strong tooth root for the missing tooth.

All general dentists can offer this treatment but there are certain oral surgeons who have undergone additional training in placing implants. So, it is good to visit one who is trained and possess extensive experience in placing implants. This can get you the best experience with an easy and smooth process.

How do implants function?

Indeed, they function like natural teeth. The titanium posts implanted in the jaw bone are the strong replacement for the tooth root that once provided support and stability. These posts fuse with your jaw and make the implants a permanent solution for the empty space in your mouth. Once the implant is successfully placed you can treat it like your natural teeth. After the surgical procedure is completed you will be able to talk, smile, and eat with no worries about your implant shifting or appearing ugly.

Why should you do implants?

The key reason to undergo this surgical procedure is that it feels and looks like normal teeth. Moreover, the implant can help you regain your confidence. Beyond everything, dental implant surgery can also make it easier to chew food and talk as the titanium post fused directly in the jaw strongly holds the implant in place. The implants aren’t removable or don’t lose like a denture. Moreover, dental implants are also beneficial for your general oral health as they don’t need to be anchored to other teeth like bridges.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are permanent. The implants can develop serious issues if the functionality is compromised so titanium post is the most essential part of the implant. Once the post is placed the replacement tooth is attached to it. In any case, if you experience any issue with the replacement tooth immediately meet your oral surgeon to resolve the issue. If needed the surgeon can attach a new tooth to the post.

Though being a permanent solution to tooth loss, many patients are scared by the thought of undergoing the procedure of placing implants. The process is indeed more invasive than other options like dentures and bridges. But, once you successfully complete the dental implant surgery you can move on and treat the implants like the natural teeth without the need for any ongoing special care or refitting. However, the first and foremost step to take if you are looking into the possibility of getting an implant is to schedule an appointment with the Orange County dental implants expert and discuss the best options.

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