Tea for Weight Loss: The Best Teas for Burning Fats

Drinking tea became a tradition all over the world many centuries ago. Because of its health benefits like anti-inflammatory features and protection from heart diseases, tea is the healthiest drink you can afford to your body daily. Many scientists and doctors from the weight loss clinic found that drinking tea not only prevents serious health issues but might have a significant role in the weight loss process. It works this way:

Tea and Weight Loss

Don’t fool yourself that drinking one cup of tea a day might help you get back to your old skinny jeans. Drinking tea will not help you burn all the fats, but in combination with a balanced diet and exercise, you’ll see progress. Can you imagine that by swapping your morning coffee for a cup of black or green tea, you are getting rid of at least 300 calories? It sounds like a great start to us. Besides, tea can boost your metabolism and help you to burn fats quickly. Caffeine in many teas increases your energy levels and causes your body to burn more calories. These might help:

Black Tea

Black tea got its name because of the tea leaves that get brown while exposed to the air. It’s a great coffee substitute, and it has only two calories per cup. If you want to get the best benefits of it, avoid sugar, honey, or milk. This tea has a robust and rich flavor, and not everyone will like it at first. It contains many beneficial substances like polyphenols that might prevent fat absorbed in the intestine. If you’re searching for the best coffee alternative– you are in the right place. Black tea has the highest amount of caffeine, and it will surely wake you up in the morning. We also need to mention that drinking too much of this tea might upset your stomach, especially tannins that give it a strong flavor.

Green Tea

Green tea is maybe the most famous tea around the globe. We usually associate it with Asia. Its origins are from China, Japan, and Taiwan. Nowadays, as its popularity is growing, green tea is available to everyone, especially in the concentrated form named matcha. This type of tea contains smaller amounts of caffeine than a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a well-known weight loss stimulant. If your goal is losing belly fat and some pounds, combine exercise with one cup of tea every day. It’s proven that it boosts metabolism and helps with the whole process. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant as well, but large quantities of it can cause liver damage.

If you can’t give up any sweetener in your tea, choose honey instead of sugar. Just a little bit is ok until you get used to that flavor. Then you can work on giving up on it too. Tea is not a secret potion that’ll make you lose weight overnight. By making some changes in your life like exercising, running, walking, and changing your diet, you’ll surely reach your goal and get back in shape.

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