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My Commercial Roof Is Leaking: What Can I Do?

When faced with the distressing situation of a leaking commercial roof, swift action is paramount to prevent further damage to your property and assets. Ignoring the issue or delaying repairs can exacerbate the problem, leading to costly consequences down the line. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the causes of commercial roof leaks and provide practical steps to effectively address the issue.

Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial roof leaks can stem from various factors, ranging from natural wear and tear to severe weather conditions. Here are some common culprits:

1. Poor Installation or Maintenance

Inadequate installation or neglecting regular maintenance can compromise the integrity of your commercial roof, making it susceptible to leaks over time. Flawed seams, improperly sealed penetrations, and deteriorating flashing are typical issues resulting from poor installation or maintenance practices.

2. Weather Damage

Extreme weather events, such as heavy rain, snow, hail, or strong winds, can inflict significant damage on commercial roofs. Over time, exposure to these elements can weaken roofing materials, leading to leaks and water infiltration.

3. Age of the Roof

As commercial roofs age, they become more vulnerable to leaks and deterioration. Materials may degrade, seams may weaken, and flashing may corrode, increasing the likelihood of water intrusion.

4. Ponding Water

Flat or low-sloped commercial roofs are prone to ponding water, especially if drainage systems are inadequate or blocked. Prolonged exposure to standing water can compromise the roof’s structural integrity and result in leaks.

What to Do When Your Commercial Roof Is Leaking

Mark the Source

Upon discovering a leak, the first step is to identify its source accurately. Inspect the interior of your building for signs of water stains, dampness, or mold growth, as these indicators can help pinpoint the location of the leak.

Minimize Damage

Promptly address any water intrusion by placing buckets or tarps to collect dripping water and prevent further damage to your property or inventory. Remove any valuables or sensitive equipment from the affected area to avoid potential harm.

Look for Other Issues

While addressing the immediate leak is crucial, it’s also essential to assess the overall condition of your commercial roof for any additional problems. Conduct a thorough inspection to identify potential weak spots, damaged areas, or drainage issues that may contribute to future leaks.

The Most Important Step – Call PWCR!

When faced with a commercial roof leak in Toronto, trust the repair and restoration process to our seasoned team of experts at PWCR, your reliable commercial roofing company in Toronto. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing commercial roof leaks promptly and effectively. Whether it’s addressing damaged flashing, sealing leaks, or conducting comprehensive roof assessments, PWCR delivers reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.


A leaking commercial roof demands immediate attention to mitigate damage and protect your investment. By understanding the causes of roof leaks and taking proactive measures to address them, you can safeguard your property and ensure its long-term integrity. Remember, when it comes to commercial roof repairs, trust the professionals at PWCR to deliver exceptional results and peace of mind.

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