Natural and effective treatments to deal with menopause symptoms

Menopause is a women’s natural body period. Through menopause, women experience different symptoms most commonly hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, sleeping problems, weight gain, loss of collagen, and other. All of these symptoms are uncomfortable and affect life quality. Many prescription hormones can lessen these symptoms, however in today’s article Aastra Women`s Center will reveal healthy and natural remedies and effective methods that can also help you treat these unpleasant inevitabilities.

Plants rich with phytoestrogen

Estrogen levels decrease rapidly during menopause. Plants that contain phytoestrogen can substitute the lack of women’s estrogen and simulate its functions in the body.

  • Soy

Soy is rich with isoflavones type of plant estrogen. Soy in milk and tofu form can mild hot flashes.

  • Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds ground or oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and lignans that can act like phytoestrogen. Also, milled flaxseed can be added to yogurt or meals, as it helps reduce cholesterol.

  • Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is delivered from the buttercup and is effective as a hormone replacement in moderating mood and sleep problems, night sweat, and hot flashes.

  • Licorice

Licorice root is effective in prolonging the length between hot flashes, and it improves sexual health.

  • Anise

Anise also provides substances equivalent to body estrogen and affects the frequency and severity of hot flashes.

  • Fennel

The benefits of Fannel reflect in improving mental health in terms of anxiety and depression. Besides, creams with Fennel as an ingredient helps with vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy is also a symptom of menopause, characterized by thinning and drying vaginal walls.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng root is productive in the reduction of hot flashes and depression. Also, improves sex drive as one of the symptoms of menopause is painful sex and lower sex urge.

  • Maca Root

The potential of Maca Root is in its ability to increase sex drive and sexual experience.

  • Wild Yams

Proteins contained in wild purple yams can boost estrogen.

  • Lemon Balm

This mint plant can help in treating anxiety, sleep problems, and gastrointestinal. Used as a room freshener in a diffuser, can have a relaxing effect.

  • Food rich with Calcium and Vitam D

Menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis. The weakening and loss of bone mass are inevitable but can be diminished with adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium. Use food empowered with calcium such as milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, kale, and beans. Vitamin D food source is fish, eggs, and cod liver oil.

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Magnesium is well known for its neurological benefits. This anti-stress and anti-anxiety mineral will provide a deep and restful sleep while reducing woes. Its ability to raise serotonin levels will improve your mood swings.

Cold drinks

Estrogen regulates the feeling of thirst. As estrogen drops, you might become less sensitive to drought. Having cold drinks will keep you hydrated while feeling cooler. Try low-calorie juices and low-sugar ice tea.

Yoga, Aerobic and Breathing Exercises

Practicing slow breathing can help decrease fatigue and improve mood and sleep. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation can lessen hot flashes and anxiety. As a combination of exercise and meditation, yoga is a great choice for managing irritability and sleep issues.


The solutions above are natural alternatives for medicaments but not replacements. Whatever you want to avoid extra chemicals or just add and optimize your treatment with natural remedies. You can choose once or combine those compliments your symptoms and find them helpful.

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