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Tips to Save Money When Moving

It’s more common than ever that people are moving from one city to another. And with the cost of living so different in each, it can be a tough decision on the best way to save money when you’re packing up and heading out. To help make your move as easy as possible, we’ve come up with some great tips to help you save money when moving.

1. Find a cheap flight before booking everything else

While it might be tempting to book your hotel for the entire length of your stay on the first day, try and give yourself as much time as possible between getting your plane tickets and finding a place to stay. Why? Because flights tend to fluctuate in price based on demand and can end up being very cheap if you wait long enough! Also, keep an eye out for last-minute deals or flash sales; many airlines have daily deals on airfare that could save you money (depending on whether or not there are blackout dates). You’d be surprised how far $100 could go if you find the perfect flight.

2. Do a quick search on Craigslist and check out local Facebook buy/sell groups

Craigslist might not always be your best bet, but if there’s one thing it does do, it’s that it shows you just how many people are moving every day. And with the site being pretty active (especially in big cities), odds are someone is selling something you could use for a lot cheaper than what most retail stores would be charging. Of course, things like furniture are great to buy used because they’ll last forever, but other goods may not hold up so well; that’s why we recommend checking out nearby Facebook Buy/Sell groups where people often post items, they want to get rid of for cheap.

3. Before moving, ask family and friends if they have anything you could use

Last-minute moves are always the hardest to plan for. Sure, you’ve probably done some planning on what you’ll need to bring with you, but that still doesn’t account for a lot of stuff. Thankfully there’s an easy way around this: just ask your friends and family! Odds are someone has something in their home that they aren’t using anymore, which would be perfect as a replacement for whatever it is that’s missing from yours. Also, don’t forget about garage sales; people often underestimate how much things along the lines of furniture can sell for at these sorts of events.

4. Get rid of as much clutter as possible

As we just mentioned, it’s always good to ask your friends and family if you can borrow anything for your move. That said, don’t be afraid to do the same thing with everyone else in your life! Whether it’s getting rid of old clothes, books, or cards from grandma that you’ve never used, try and get the most space out of whatever belongings you have going into your new home.

5. Rent a moving truck

Even if you think you don’t need one (you probably do), renting a moving truck is always an excellent idea for saving money when relocating. The cost for one of these things can be anywhere from $300 to $600, but if you only need it for a day or two, it ends up being cheaper than renting multiple cars (not to mention safer). Just make sure they know you’re only using it for a couple of days before booking.


6. Ask friends for help!

No matter how much planning goes into your move, chances are there’s still stuff you haven’t thought of when it comes to packing up all your belongings and getting them across town. Thankfully, many people love helping out their friends in group situations like this; just ask around the office tomorrow, and you’ll probably get enough people willing to pitch in that it won’t even cost you anything. You could also try asking any family or friends who live nearby if they’d be interested (again, this is assuming you’ve already asked everyone else). There’s nothing wrong with hiring professional movers, but if you want to save money when moving, it should always be a last resort! But it is always better you have a complete idea of cost of hiring a moving company to avoid last moment surprises.

7. Pack light

It might not seem like it at first, but just about everything you’re carrying to your new home is probably something you could live without; all you need are the essentials (and maybe one or two extras). It’s fine to bring some sentimental novelty items, but why pack up and move things that will end up sitting around collecting dust once you’ve arrived? If there’s any way possible, try and get rid of as much stuff as possible before leaving.


We hope that the tips we’ve provided in this article will help you save money when moving. From how to find free furniture from family and friends, saving on a rental truck by renting it for only one day or two, and asking your office friends for assistance, there are many ways to cut down costs associated with relocation. Remember: these ideas work best if used as part of an overall plan.

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