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Downsizing For A Move

Living in a large house is a great experience. However, a time may come for you to move to a smaller house because of various reasons. It could be because your kids have grown and have moved out or because you can’t pay rent for your current home. Whatever the reason, moving to a smaller place can help you be both mentally and financially fit.

But before you hire a moving company like Meyer Moving, you’ll need to declutter. This may be a complex process because you may have formed some attachment with your belongings. However, downsizing can help you create a stylish and comfortable environment.

Here are some tips for downsizing before a move:

List Down All Your Belongings

When moving to a smaller home, you won’t have space for storing all the items you’ve accumulated over the years. You’ll only have space to keep the essential items you need. You can identify these items by taking an inventory of your belongings before you start packing.

As you list them down, separate them based on how useful and necessary they are. Eliminate items you haven’t used for more than a year. That way, you’ll simplify your life and carry with you the items that you need.

Listing down belongings and sorting them out may require a few weeks. Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, you can donate, recycle, or eliminate items you don’t need.

Reduce Duplicates

It’s vital to be organized while sorting through your belongings. It’s best to move from room to room and have three boxes labeled ‘keep,’ ‘store,’ and ‘get rid of.’ That way, you’ll easily make an informed decision on which items to keep and which items to get rid of.

It’s essential to keep items that you use daily. Once the ‘keep’ box for each room is filled up, pack and label it to make moving and unpacking easier. You also want to have a plan of getting rid of items you don’t use. You can ort them by identifying what can be donated to family members and friends, recycled, and thrown away. You should only throw away items that are thrown out or broken.

Put seasonal and sentimental items in a storage box. Ensure that you neatly label their containers to avoid confusion.

Use Your Storage Places Well

When downsizing, it’s essential to maximize every storage space that you have. This may help you if you move into a home without designated storage areas like a garage, basement, or attic.

You can be creative and develop built-in storage options. This may be through buying multifunctional furniture like wardrobes, platform beds with drawers, storage ottomans, and bookshelves. Baskets can also help you to minimize and hide clutter.

Besides that, you can install floating shelves on your open wall space. They’re ideal for storing kitchen appliances, toiletries, and other nitty-gritty. You can keep your seasonal or sentimental items under stairs, crawl spaces, and closets. Towel racks over the door hooks and standalone shelves can also be great for storing bathroom items.

Final Words

Downsizing doesn’t have to be stressful if you have an elaborate plan. In fact, it’ll save you time, space, and money. Most importantly, it’ll teach you how to live a fuller life with less.

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