How To Write a Happy New Year Email as a Small Business

During the New Year holiday, companies usually send emails to their customers. These emails may be promoting a new product. Or simply sharing a festive message. In any case, emails are a brilliant marketing tool. They can help to keep and maintain great relations with consumers.

Purposes for sending New Year emails

Sending emails for the new year can have many purposes. Companies usually send these emails for various reasons:

Sharing a personal note

The company staff or the CEO usually sends emails to share a personal note with the message. These emails serve the purpose of saying thanks. Sharing information about the company can be another reason. Accordingly, this helps businesses build a clear image. It also sets an individual tie with the consumers.

Offering a promotion or deal

New Year emails are a good way to boost end-of-year sales. This helps to earn extra profits. Also, it helps with preparing in a better way for the operational costs of the coming year. In addition to this, having discounts on products rewards loyal customers in this way.

Sharing the year in review

During the New Year, companies may send out emails that share statistics about their business for the year. The customers, the company, or both catered by them. For instance, a movie streaming service may send an email to a customer with a personal exhibit of the movies they watched throughout the year. In addition, they can share statistics on how many movies their entire client base streamed in these emails. These types of emails help companies appear transparent in their business and often contain enjoyable information.

Extending a sweet message

Furthermore, customers receive a sweet note through these New Year emails. This helps so that they don’t need to commit themselves to crafting a personal message or sale. These emails are brief. They often wish a happy holiday season to customers. Without putting a lot of effort into a full-fledged email campaign, this permits the company to publicize to customers.

How to write a new year email

Your steps for writing the email may differ, but you may use these steps to write an effective email:

1. Use a subject line

Subject lines are an important element of emails. When customers receive an email, subject lines are the first thing they see. Therefore, if you want to get more views, your subject line should be attention-grabbing. You may want to use a witty phrase or pose a question in the form of your subject line.

2. Start with a friendly greeting

Starting with a friendly greeting is important when writing a New Year email. If you can, try and use the names of the recipients. This can be easier if you have an email list or subscription for customers to register with. Moreover, a regular greeting expression can be used if a mass email is being sent. New Year articles are usually seasonal. Therefore, you can also use a holiday greeting.

3. Personalize the email

The content of the New Year email can range from discounts to gratitude to sharing entertaining statistics about customer experiences. It depends on what reasons different professionals are using it for. The key is to keep them concise and easy. This can result in two things: time-saving while writing, as well as when reading. Customers will be able to read the entire thing too.

4. Give a call to action

Calling to action should be the next part of the body of your email. You can ask the customers to do certain tasks this way, such as buying a product. In addition, you can provide a link to your employer’s website for easy access. This will also prompt them to buy something from your team or view a presentation with little effort.

5. Add a farewell phrase and signature

The ending of the email should be a cordial farewell expression. Delivering a simple goodbye or wishing the client a happy holiday season is a good way to go. For instance, some companies credit the whole team in the end. Moreover, some use the CEO’s name to sign off. Either way, it would seem more personal to the customer this way.

Tips for writing a New Year email

These tips can be useful when writing a New Year email:

Use graphics

You can add images or other design features to make the email more eye-catching. In addition to being a great advertisement for your employer, it will also excite your audience. It will also be useful if you’re using this email as a notification for new or discounted goods. Consequently, it will help in boosting your end-of-year sales.

Your email template matters a lot. Graphic design features can be a part of it. A simple message can also suffice. Anyhow, you can always design an email using email templates from PosterMyWall to create attractive new year emails.

Send it early

Individuals usually send New Year emails by the time it rolls around. That is important as otherwise it will collide with other holidays of the season and their advertising. However, you can consider sending them a few days beforehand. This way your customers will have time to think over your call to action. And, to respond to it accordingly.

Include contact information

Adding the company’s contact details is a good way to show you value your customers and their feedback. Easy access to the service reps of your team means that the company can hear from the customers easily. It can also help you answer queries about the email or any related information.

Ask for feedback

As the New Year is a time to look back and improve yourself, you can ask your customers to provide you feedback you can work with. It will make them feel like their opinion is important to you and you care about their experience, and you can also implement the suggestions you find suitable to the business to improve it. The entire email can be dedicated to this purpose, or links can be provided for feedback surveys.

Craft the best new year email

New Year is a time to share greetings and happiness. Including your customers in them and sending out wishes, as well as discounts, makes them feel special. This guide will aid you in drafting a perfect email for them.

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