Hunters, Rescuers, Nannies Among Dogs

In the modern world, there are those who like to shove their dog under their arm or into a bag and go to the promenade. There are also such owners who are not afraid to be carried away by a powerful giant on a leash on a walk. Large dogs are not only stronger than their humans. They take up a lot of space in the house, require proportionately more care, but also often frighten guests and passers-by with their appearance and size. Large dogs will guard your jackpot which you can win using the link

And although, according to the observations of cytologists, the larger the dog, the calmer and more good-natured it is, it is still difficult for owners to refuse patience and courage. The most courageous can be called the owners of record-breaking dogs. Let’s talk about them in more detail in an article about the largest dogs in the world with a photo.

English Mastiff

english mastiffThe title of the largest dog breed in the world (by average body weight) is carried by this aristocrat from Albion.

Historically, mastiffs were used to bait wild animals, in particular bears and lions, as well as bulls. Dogs for such an occupation needed really powerful ones: the growth of English mastiffs can vary from 69 to 91 cm at the withers, and their weight can reach 110 kg (for males). The largest representative of the breed named Aikama Zorbo is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, weighing 155.58 kg with a height of 94 cm.

Today, these are pets, which, however, have retained such qualities as courage and the ability to protect. Breeders claim that with proper upbringing and training, these are very peaceful, calm, and obedient dogs.

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great daneGreat Dane

Noble, elegant, and the largest dog in the world in terms of height – the height at the withers of Great Danes starts from 80 cm (ladies are sometimes lower – from 72 cm).

Also an aristocrat and a distant relative of the English mastiff, he has a sedate, calm, and affectionate character. Some experts even call them phlegmatic. However, Great Danes also like to play, but breeders warn. The dog is not aware of its huge size compared to a person and can easily knock you down.

The highest registered representative of the breed – the dog Zeus from Michigan was 111.8 cm at the withers. And when he stood on his hind legs, he “grew” to 2.2 meters. At the same time, he weighed like an adult man, more than 70 kg, and ate 12-14 times a day. At the same time, he managed to remain graceful, like all Great Danes.

St. Bernards

st bernardsOther workers and rescuers, now from the Swiss Alps. They got their name from the monastery of St. Bernard. The monastery was located high in the mountains on the Great St. Bernard Pass of the same name is dangerous and difficult for travelers. The monks created a shelter for travelers and often rescued them from avalanches with the help of faithful St. Bernards.

Thick fur protected the dogs from cold and wind, and a keen sense of smell served to search for people caught in the snow. Also, St. Bernards often warned the monks about the approach of an avalanche thanks to their instincts.

Even then, they were one of the strongest and largest dogs in the world, and today more than 80 kg is considered the standard weight for St. Bernards, although there are also more massive individuals, and the usual height of such a dog is from 65 to 90 cm.

Calm and obedient giants are very fond of children. And they do not like only small dogs and small spaces – keeping in an apartment and the lack of free range can lead to serious bone diseases.

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