A Toddler and Puppy Survival Guide

Jose and I were thinking to get a dog or puppy at home, so in Mar 2019 my husband and I decided to buy a puppy online or through a local shop. We found more suitable to buy puppies online as the seller is verified.

Actually, my children were not involved in decision making, in fact, they are fond of the kitten. My husband and I were the ones who got lured by the beautiful little puppies, so much so that we finally decided to bring one home!

As imagined, our children really got excited and mixed-up soon. Our eldest Sara, almost cried with tears, so the happy days just began.

When buying a puppy you forget about reality. All the negative things preventing you from bringing a new puppy home get pushed to the back of your mind – you know, like that big life-changing decision you’re about to make, and the fact we have a toddler. Hmmm.. oh well, you say to yourself, they will be besties, a new brother without any labor pains! Yippee.


Here’s some pet advice I would really suggest who are thinking to buy a new puppy.

  1. Do not leave little puppy and toddler alone.
  2. Make sure a toddler is not trying to suffocate the puppy.
  3. Buy your puppy a big cage to start with. Our puppy loved his cage and would run inside every time a toddler scared him (quite often). Make it cozy. It’s like a little home for them.
  4. Puppies are for life. So are toddlers.
  5. Toddler will be jealous if you’re stroking puppy for 20 seconds. Involve toddler every time you do this. And wait until the toddler is in bed and then walk around with the puppy as if he’s your baby (don’t judge me).
  6. Teach toddlers to be kind to the puppy. Always let your children observe you being nice to the puppy and they’ll model your behavior.
  7. Be prepared to clean up shit.
  8. Patience. Just breathe and get over with.
  9. Our puppy went through a growling stage every time we tried to take kids toy out of his mouth- nip this in the bud immediately. Say No very sternly. And then take a toy.
  10. Please teach your dog to recall as soon as the puppy can go outside. Not sure what recall is? Google it! Teaching your puppy is paramount to their needs.
  11. A puppy will grow and so will a toddler. The novelty wears off. You’re left to walk, feed, stroke, etc. Luck I love dogs. And lucky my partner does too.

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