Three Top Old School PC Action Games You’ll Want To Replay Again

When it comes to memorable computer games, there are plenty of firm favorites around the world, especially in the Action category. This list rounds up the best and most replayable options from over a decade or two ago. While they may be old, you’ll definitely want to try them out if you haven’t yet.

Rise of The Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider has been around for over two decades and Lara Croft has graced cinemas and TVs, the reels of global and Australian pokies, and console and computer screens. To this day, there are still a legion of fans eager to play and learn about the myth and legend of Lara Croft.

Rise of The Tomb Raider features a far more movie-style game experience than previous games.  From helicopters blasting away at you as you run, jump, and slide your way across an explosive landscape, to sharp-shooter type moments in ancient cavern monuments, the game doesn’t lack a flair for the dramatic. The character banter is good, and you’ll definitely need more than a few tries to master some of the epic jumps, rappels, and mountain-climbing moments that are scattered throughout the game.

Half Life Two

From battling aliens to making it out of a crumbling and derelict base, the adventure and pace of Half Life Two have given it a special place in most gamer’s hearts. Players take on the role of Gordon Freeman, 20 years after his Black Mesa heroics. He has been woken from stasis to discover that an empire known as the Combine has enslaved humanity. His new task is to help the resistance, and with little choice in the matter, the adventure begins.

With equal parts puzzles, shooting, and storytelling, the addition of vehicles and new terrains keeps the game exciting. Gordon will explore everything from military bases and towns to airships and canals, with fast paced action abounding around every turn, which is bound to keep you hooked. The game was first published through Valve in 2004 and is playable on Windows. It can also be found on platforms like Steam, as well as being available on mobile devices.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

Taking the helm as Kyle Katarn, Jedi fans will love the unfolding plotline, skill set, and storyline, from the Star Wars game Dark Forces II. It takes place after the events in the movie, Return of the Jedi as Kyle discovers his growing abilities and needs to make his way to the Valley of the Jedi. The action sequences and POV scenes make the gameplay enticing. There are numerous planets to traverse, Sith to face off against, and depending on how you play, the choice of joining good, or evil, which makes this game a hard one to forget.

Trusty Jan Ors also returns and her well-timed pickups in the ship, the Moldy Crow are the main form of transport for Kyle.  Along with the Force ghost of Qu Ruhan to guide him, Kyle has many challenges to face and overcome before he can take on the main story villain: Jerec. With the option to unlock side stories and take different story paths, the replay value of the game is exceptionally high.

Action games are often seen as a play once and not again option. However, the above games certainly offer hours of replay opportunities and the ability to mesmerize players, despite being decades old. You’re certain to want to try your hand at a different choice, over and over again.

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