Why Does My Laptop Get So Hot? Should I Be Worried?

Why Does My Laptop Get So Hot?

If your laptop gets really hot when you use it, you may think that it’s about to fail, and you may be looking for laptop deals so that you can replace it. But heat doesn’t always mean a laptop is failing, and you may be able to take a few simple steps to reduce heat output and continue to use your laptop comfortably – find out how!

Understanding The Causes Of Laptop Heat

Laptops are much smaller than desktops, so there is always going to be less airflow, and they tend to heat up much more quickly. There are a few factors that can contribute to excessive laptop heat.

  • Dusty fans & vents – This is a very common cause of overheating laptops. Over time, dust gathers in the vents and fans of your laptop, preventing proper cooling. You may want to take it to a computer shop to have it professionally cleaned, or you can open it up and clean it yourself if you know a bit about computers.
  • Running resource-intensive programs – Even the most well-ventilated laptop will create quite a bit of heat if you’re playing a video game, editing a video, or doing another task that requires a lot of CPU or GPU power. These components generate a lot of heat, and while the laptop will do its best to cool itself down, it may still become uncomfortably warm.
  • Poor ventilation below the laptop – Most laptops need some airflow below them to bring in fresh, cool air, and cool the interior components properly. For this reason, you should not place your laptop on beds, blankets, and other surfaces that can block the vents.

When doing resource-intensive tasks, keep your laptop on a hard, flat surface where it can ventilate freely. You may even consider a laptop stand. These products improve airflow and may even incorporate built-in fans to help reduce heat buildup.

  • High ambient temperatures – The temperature of your room will affect the cooling performance of your laptop. If your room is at 20° C, for example, this cooler air will be more effective at cooling your laptop compared to a room that is 30° C.

Should I Be Worried About My Laptop Getting Too Hot?

If your laptop fans are running properly and are clear of dust, and your laptop only heats up in hot rooms or when you’re doing resource-intensive tasks like gaming, this is likely not a big deal.

However, if your laptop is always hot when you use it – even to do things like web browsing – this could be a cause for concern, especially if you notice random crashes or errors while using your laptop. This could indicate thermal damage to its components.

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