Dealing with Back Pain

Everyone these days is plagued by the backaches. People of all ages, men and women, unanimously have complain of back aches that are a nightmare to treat.

In some cases, the back is a result of lifting the something heavy that causes the back to give out. In other cases, no such strenuous activity is done and yet the back ache becomes the all-consuming force in the person’s life.

While some back aches are completely debilitating and require an urgent visit to the top neurosurgeon in Islamabad, many can be managed at home. However, it is pertinent to start any disease management early; a timely back ache intervention can prevent the pain from becoming chronic. It also helps to lower the chances of reliance on medicines and surgery as well.


The most convenient and easy way for the temporary relief from the pain is by using pain killers. If the back ache is muscular, the muscle relaxants can work well too. A lot of the people feel better by using the over-the-counter non-steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen etc.

However, NSAIDS are not compatible with everyone’s health. Those who are to lay off it can instead opt for codeine. Paracetamol alone would not do; take it with something like codeine to pack a punch!

And yet if the pain does not subside, you need to visit the doctor, but do not overdo the painkillers. Popping them like candy will cause your stomach lining to suffer, a lot.

Bed rest ain’t it!

The logical solution that many conjure up for dealing with back aches is bed rest. But that is rather counter intuitive, according to the latest research. Those people who have short-term back ache and opt for bed rest as treatment suffer from more pain and have a harder time recuperating.

On the other hand, those patients who remain active recover quicker.

Posture is key!

Remember how the teachers and parents would hound you for not having a good posture? Well there is a reason why. Our back has to endure excess baggage and strain when it is not in the correct posture.

Even the most mundane tasks like looking at the phone or hunching over the sink can greatly increase the strain on your back. Consequently, back aches become a recurring nightmare.

To get rid of the horrible pain, be sure to curve the spine just enough. Not only will it keep the muscles, but the nerves of the area also will not have to endure the excess baggage.


It may seem counter intuitive, but exercise is great for the backache. It helps to loosen up the muscles and helps to strengthen them. Moreover, exercise also helps to release the good hormones, endorphins. They then help to uplift mood and are also a painkiller.

Furthermore, regular also is helpful in preventing future episodes of the relentless backache.

There are plenty of exercises that can be useful in this regard. Yoga, swimming, walk and similar low intensity and impact workouts can be done. However, do not do the strenuous workouts or activities. Take it slow but keep yourself moving!

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Stretching feels like a balm to the sore when the back is hurting. Not only does it provide the temporary relief from the pain, done consistently, stretching helps to get rid of and prevent the backache.

Moreover, it is a simple activity that does not take any time or preparation. One great way to stretch is by touching your toes. The spine gets elongated and the muscles of the lower back are loosened.

A lot of yoga poses also include stretching. It also helps in de-stressing and thus reduces the tension held in the lower back. Child’s pose, cobra pose, and cow pose are best stretches for the back.

Watch what you wear

Your choice of footwear has a strong connection with you back. Make sure you don’t wear flat shoes or very high heels. The former put extra strain on the feet and the back, whereas the high heels effect the alignment of the spine.

Therefore, keep to the sensible, comfortable low-heeled shoes.

Eat better

If your body is not getting its supply of good nutrients, it will not work well. Back ache can be a symptom of osteoporosis. Thus, it is very vital to eat foods rich in vitamin D and calcium to prevent the depletion of bones.

Dairy items like yogurt, cheese, milk are good sources of calcium. But so are the green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D is found in abundance in sunlight, but can be obtain through dietary sources like cheese, eggs etc.


If medicines and such therapies fall short of curing the back ache, another treatment option is surgery. However, be sure to contact the top spine and brain surgeon in Karachi only, as the matter is very sensitive.

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