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Winter Bucket List For Folks Bored At Home

Winter during a pandemic need not be boring. You only need to be inspired and a little creative to come up with ways to keep you entertained and occupied other than reading a book or going online.

Here are a few alternative things you can do to keep boredom at bay during this season.

1. Pick a fight using snowballs

Take the family out for a walk around the block or in the park. Hang back and let everyone go first. Once they’re a few feet away from you, make a snowball and throw it at them. That should get you guys into an epic and fun snowball fight.

2. Go caroling around town

Spread some holiday cheer around town by taking some of your family and friends to go Christmas caroling. There’s just something about Christmas carols that lift spirits and bring good cheer.

3. Take a day off for some ice fishing

Do something unconventional and go ice fishing on a lake somewhere. A lot of folks go salmon and halibut fishing during wintertime. It’s just a matter of knowing where the best fishing spots are. Go online and find out if there are any guided fishing tours near you that you can join. It’ll be lots of fun.

4. Build a snow fort

If you’re bored out of your mind at home, step outside where there’s plenty of snow and start making your own snow fortress or igloo. You can approach it scientifically or be like a child again and let your imagination run wild. Either way, it’s a great way to have some fun and do away with your boredom temporarily.

5. Have winter bonfire and roast mallows

Have a few of your friends over and set up a bonfire in your backyard for some hot cocoa and roasted mallows. An evening spent with friends over some hot drinks, and heartwarming conversations is time well spent.

6. Watch the stars in a sleeping bag and a cozy blanket outdoors

On a night when the skies are clear, take a sleeping bag and a blanket outdoors. Set them on the ground and lie down to gaze at the stars and be in awe of the beauty of a starry winter night.

7. Go cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is not just a fun winter activity to do, but it is also a great way to stay in shape during this season. Look for a spot near you where there’s a wide terrain filled with snow where you can enjoy some fun cross-skiing time alone or with your pals.

8. Or snowshoeing

If you’re not really into skiing, but you still want to burn some calories and keep yourself occupied, perhaps snowshoeing is your cup of tea. It’s a great workout, plus you really don’t need a wide snowy terrain to enjoy it. If you have enough snow in your backyard that’s deep enough for snowshoeing, that’ll do.

9. Host a football party at home

Some of the best football games happen during wintertime. Have some friends over for a football night party if your city allows small gatherings. If not, you can always go virtual with Zoom. The important thing is you and your friends get together to enjoy the game night.

10. Go on a winter getaway in a cabin in the woods

A weekend getaway for a change of scenery will probably do you some good after being stuck at home for the past few months. Rent a cabin in the woods for a weekend and get to enjoy nature and the different activities you can do there.

There’s so much more fun stuff to do during winter, even if we’re in the middle of a pandemic. You need to learn to think out of the box. The important thing is you still do your best to observe proper COVID-19 regulations as you have fun.

Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

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