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How To Create a Fantastic First Impression for Corporate Visitors

First impressions count and if you have invited an important client into your building, you can bet they will be looking around and getting an impression of the company from what they see. To make sure they are impressed, read this guide on how to create a fantastic first impression for corporate visitors.

Parking Lot

Picture the scene. Your visitor pulls into your parking lot. There is nowhere to park because there is so much overgrown foliage taking up valuable parking space, instead, cars are parked haphazardly on the sidewalk. Your visitor manages to find a space but has to avoid several potholes to get to it. Once out of the car, they trip over a loose paving slab and hurt their ankle. Are they going to want to do business with you or get back into their car and drive to your competitor’s office? The state of the parking lot will speak volumes about the quality and care your company can offer, so make sure it is clean, tidy, and well-maintained.


A clean, tidy office suggests that the company is tidy-minded and cares about its reputation. They are on top of the work they are doing and could handle corporate accounts magnificently. To make sure the building is clean and tidy, hire a regular commercial cleaner who is great at their job. The chances are this will win you more money in new business than you have to pay out for their salary.


Your reception area is one of the most important parts of the building. Yours should be manned constantly to make sure there is always someone there to greet a visitor with a smile and deal with their request. This works best if there is more than one receptionist, as lunch and comfort breaks can be covered. Paperwork should be kept to a minimum and not left out as it looks messy and could contain confidential information.


No corporate visitor is going to want to climb ten flights of stairs to come to your office. If they made it out of the parking lot, this will be the point at which they give up and drive off. To make sure your elevators are in good working order, hire an elevator service company such as Atis to ensure a smooth ride to your office and the contract you want them to sign.


Nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially a potential client. Running late will suggest that you are sloppy and disinterested in getting their business. If you are late to a first meeting, your visitor will wonder if the rest of the work you do for them will be late or whether that will be sloppy too. A fantastic first impression runs exactly to time. Too early and your visitor may feel rushed, too late and you could lose the deal.

Use these five tips to create a fantastic first impression for corporate visitors.

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