Be A Better Parent!

Parents are considered to be the closest people to a child. Children learn most of the things from their parents. Hence, the parents need to focus on their parenting methods and skills. It’s understandable that parents nowadays are pretty busy and aren’t able to give much time to their children. Luckily, some experienced people choose nanny jobs and support these parents. These nannies are experienced enough to take care of children. Still, the responsibility of the parents is crucial.

Raising a happy and healthy child is a tough job indeed, yet is the most rewarding job. Therefore, parents need to know some basic principles of healthy parenting.

  1. What you do DOES matter! Whether it’s your personality or how you treat others, your child is watching you and taking mental notes. Their experience with your behavior will affect them.
  2. Be involved in their lives! A good parent always knows what their children are doing. But it has to be made sure that the children themselves come and share about their life. The parents have to be their children’s best friends!
  3. Keep up with your child’s development. Your child is growing and learning new things. Their mindset and thinking process is frequently changing. Tailor your parenting with the need of your child.
  4. Establish rules! You love your child, but there have to be some boundaries which a child should never cross. Clarify to your children why those rules are rational and should be maintained. Teaching them about such boundaries is necessary!
  5. Practice kind and firm positive parenting! Babies are born with approximately 100 billion brain cells connected! These connections create the thoughts we have, shape our personality, and determine who we are. All these are sculpted and molded based on the experience we get. Parent has to provide a positive experience to their children. Spend time with them, play with them, laugh with them. These positive experiences will allow them to grow up as good human beings!
  6. Make time for your kids. Understandably, work is important and it needs to be done. But never create such situations that make your children think that the work is more important than them! Kids need to feel that they are also wanted. Spend time with them. Go to the park with them, do some arts and craft activities or scavenger hunts, play with them.
  7. Be a good role model. Your child is following you. The younger they are, the more cues they take from you. Keep that in mind and take the next step!

These are just some of the basic principles. Based on these, a good parent should have some qualities. Such as:

  • Patience: Children are messy, noisy and they don’t want to listen to the instructions well. But parents must be patient and deal with them in a good way.
  • Multi-tasking skill: Parents need to do lots of things at a time. Managing a house, going to work, raising children alongside requires a great multi-tasking skill/
  • Motivating: The parents need to motivate and encourage their children in whatever they are doing. Under no circumstances should the parents underestimate their children and destroy their spirit!
  • Flexibility: Accept it, all your parenting attempts won’t work every time. Keep yourself prepared for such conditions and keep backup solutions up your sleeve!
  • Leadership: Don’t be a bossy parent! Never just dump anything on them! They will certainly resent it and they won’t forget it. Throw your parenting weight only when necessary.

Remember, your child is always following you. Be the person whom you want them to be!

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