How to Know When an Employee Deserves a Promotion

Not promoting an employee who deserves it is a huge mistake, especially if you also fill that position with somebody new. As well as showing your staff that their efforts aren’t worth it, it will also cause even the most loyal of employees to look elsewhere for a job. Unfortunately, though, it is not always easy to recognize when someone deserves a promotion, especially if their efforts are subtle, so make sure you watch out for these signs.

They Are Interested in Development

Employees that show a genuine passion for their careers are worthy of a career boost, especially if their work ethic matches their enthusiasm. If you have a staff member interested in developing within the company, be sure to cater to that by providing training and talking to them about their future. You should look into offering online executive education programs, as this will help an employee develop the leadership skills required for management roles.

They Are Organized and Reliable

Organization and reliability are two golden traits in any employee. You want to know that you can rely on your staff to be prepared, show up on time, and finish their work promptly. It’s easy to overlook the most dependable employees, but you should not do that, as, more than likely, they are the company’s backbone. So, if you notice that a staff member is consistent with their organization and reliability, consider that those skills could be used in a more managerial position.

They Genuinely Value the Company

Staff members who genuinely value the company that they work for should be held onto. If they care about where they work in a normal position, just think about how much effort they would put in if they were in a superior role. You can usually tell if someone values the company by their attitude – people who are positive, agreeable, and show both excitement and concern are usually the ones who care.

They Get on Well with both Staff and Customers

For promotions, you need staff who have excellent people skills. After all, you don’t want to promote someone who isn’t a great communicator! Plus, those who get on well with staff are more likely to gain respect once hired. So, the next time you’re looking to hire from the inside, keep an eye on those that click with everyone. It can make the next steps of them taking on the role a lot easier.

They Work Well When Faced with Challenges

One of the most important things to look out for when considering who to promote is who works well under pressure. No matter how hardworking an employee is, if they crumble when the job gets tough, they won’t do well in a higher position. You need someone strong, stable, and capable of keeping cool through the highs and the lows. After all, management roles come with a lot more pressure!

Promoting the right members of staff is crucial for businesses. Watch out for these signs to make sure you make the right choice.

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