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How to Boost Your Business Tech in Just One Week

So, you’re looking to make your business tech work better for you, and you want to see results as quickly as possible. Happily, that’s something that you can achieve, no matter what size or stature of business you operate. This guide is all about small changes and the quick tweaks you can make to your IT infrastructure in order to have your business firing on all cylinders by the end of the working week. Here’s how you’ll do it in four easy steps.


Your first step, which you can begin right away, is to look over your digital infrastructure. Which programs are indispensable to you and your team, and which are, on reflection, just dragging you down? You’re looking to optimize your IT, and that means cutting out troublesome tech and moving your team towards better software you’re all able to use. On completion of your audit, you’ll have a good idea of the entire IT stack that you’re using to power your business, which will be crucial for deciding the following ways in which you’ll boost your business tech.


Now that you’re aware of all the technology that you can’t do without, it’s time to see if they’re running any upgrades that you’ve not yet been able to take advantage of. Downloading an upgrade, especially on the cloud, is something that only takes minutes – but can boost your productivity across the board. Meanwhile, check to see if the software you use has any useful features you’re not yet taking advantage of. The more value you extract from these systems, the more you’ll be doing to boost your productivity.


Staff training is another aspect of your business tech that’s often overlooked. You bring in a snazzy new program and expect your staff to work upon it with ease – but for some, especially those of the older generations, that can be difficult. To help your staff make the most of the technology at their disposal, consider bringing in a training specialist to help them get their heads fully wrapped around the tech they use each day. You can even set your workers up on an online training module, which will often perform the same job. Again, these training sessions can take place within the week.


Finally, suppose you’re left with the feeling that your IT infrastructure could still be radically improved. In that case, you should strongly consider outsourcing to IT experts who’ll know just how to tackle the trickier, more technical problems that keep arising in your business tech. Look to expert firms such as outsourceIT to provide you with the assistance you need to push your firm to the next level. They’ll move in within the day, moving rapidly to find areas of your business that only they can optimize. This additional help is the final strategy you can deploy to make your business tech truly work for you – all within the space of a week.

These four tips will help you achieve that via technological optimization if you’re looking to boost your productivity fast.

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