Importance of Industrial Cooling Towers

For many applications, industrial cooling towers are a crucial component of heat control. These towers regulate heat and internal pressures from power plants to chemical factories by enabling gases and liquids to cool fast and effectively. However, cooling towers need routine maintenance to keep operating at their best because they are designed precisely.

For efficient performance of the cooling towers requires frequent cleaning and maintenance by qualified staff from our industrial cooling tower services. One of the most crucial tasks you can carry out to improve system efficiency is cooling tower cleaning.

If you want a cooling tower with more longevity, choose our industrial supplies and services because they are built with durable materials. Everything in this place is worth the cost.

What are industrial cooling towers?

Industrial coolers are cooling towers to remove waste heat from many sources, including oil refineries and industrial gear. Cooling towers reject heat either by evaporating waste heat or by removing heat through airflow. The terms “direct, open circuit, and indirect closed circuit cooling towers” relate to these two different systems.

Routine cooling tower maintenance and repair are crucial to keeping the cooling towers functioning efficiently. Here are a few practices done by industrial cooling towers, UAE, for maintenance and cleaning.

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Best practices in industrial cooling tower services

1. Eliminating dangerous organisms

When doing cooling tower maintenance, there are various factors to consider. Cooling towers are the ideal setting for some bacteria and fungus to grow because they contain both water and heat.

Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary to keep cooling towers in good condition and stop hazardous organic development. To properly eliminate any organisms dwelling inside the towers, a comprehensive disinfection procedure should be performed on the towers during these cleanings.

2. Mineral deposits that descale

Descaling is crucial for cooling tower maintenance since it not only stops the growth of dangerous organisms. Regular maintenance includes descaling the mineral deposits that frequently accumulate on cooling towers. Typically, a chemical descaler is used by our industrial cooling towers, UAE, to remove the deposits.

3. Debris & sludge

Cleaning sludge or debris that builds up inside cooling towers over time is another maintenance aspect. We use high-powered vacuums to remove the sludge in the tower after removing the free water.

4. Security

Regular cleaning is essential, but when considering a maintenance plan, it’s also a good idea to consider preventive. Regular use of chemical treatment programs may help avoid problems like the development of harmful bacteria and fungi and obstruct the accumulation of mineral deposits.

Every organization that uses cooling towers should include cooling tower cleaning and maintenance in its standard maintenance program.

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Cleaning of industrial cooling towers

OSHA regulations state that, at the very least, cooling towers should undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection twice a year. We often plan these cleanings around changing seasons, just before the cooling tower starts up and after it shuts down. The cooling tower will run efficiently with regular water treatment, descaling, and cleanup of sludge and other debris. Proactive action will help the cooling tower operate correctly and stop the formation of hazardous organisms.


The IGGTGLOBAL is a vendor with a long history of providing cooling tower maintenance, repairs, and spare parts. Our thorough and precise program allows us to identify, classify, and quantify any degradation areas. As a result, we have contracts with power plants worldwide, expanding our reach internationally.

Your cooling tower performance can be improved, your energy consumption can be reduced, and your total maintenance needs may be reduced with the assistance of our skilled engineering teams. For all your industrial needs you can contact us.

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