Festivals and holidays are the most memorable time of the year when we have our closest and loved ones together to eat, drink, play, and celebrate the festivities. Even a usual Christmas celebration is fantastic with exciting dinners and parades. On the other part, the festive season often makes one feel anxious and stressed.


If you are tired of the hustle and bustle that comes with holiday seasons, or you like to explore the traditions of different cultures around you during this Christmas, then why not whisk yourself off to paradise on an extravagant vacation with customized crewed yacht charters. In addition to experiencing different cultures, you will have a captain and chef on board accompanying you and alleviate all the holiday stress, and set you free to enjoy the festivities, celebrations, and beautiful destinations.

Crewed yacht charters offer customized services. However, you can pick what you want and where you want to sail. You can explore various spots at your own pace, swim, snorkel, and spend the whole day on the water watching playful sea turtles gliding by your feet near an incredible bar during the Christmas celebration.

The professional crew members offered by the yacht company will please you with the best hospitality. Besides, they will be familiar with the areas and the customs around them more than anyone else. Yacht celebrations also offer you the advantage of picking the preferable food items from the menu, or the chef onboard can also make some delicious local dishes for you that will amuse your taste buds.

Here we will look over a few things you can do with a luxury yacht charter at Newport Beach this Christmas.

Newport beach is best known for its harbor filled with luxury yachts and boats and represents the lifestyle of Orange County. Once you rent a private yacht, you can spend the entire duration with utter enjoyment and relaxation onboard while experiencing local surfers, mesmerizing music of the waves, and everything the coast offers to the visitors.

Book a crewed luxury yacht charter this Christmas to navigate through those beautifully created islands and encounter the luxury lifestyle with some of the finest beaches in the area or explore the nearby coasts.

Review five of the best things you can explore onboard a luxury yacht charter Newport Beach.

  1. Travel Through Balboa Island – It is a unique and among the most romantic man-made islands. Balboa Island is a hidden gem that feels more like an idyllic East Coast Harbourfront downtown than other Southern Californian styles. Additionally, Marine Avenue shows off its chic coastal restaurants, shops, pubs, and other spots serving ranges of delicious eateries. If you are holidaying with family and kids mainly, booking a luxury yacht charter is an ideal option to cruise around.
  2. Discover Newport Bay – The next thing to discover is Newport Bay. Explore the marina and admire the extravagant waterfront mansions. The area also has a myriad of waterfront restaurants to dock for lunch. Drop your anchor at the Wedge and enjoy watching the surfers in their typical habitat in one of the most famous surf spots within Southern California. You will be amazed to see the waves reaching as high as circa 30 feet.
  3. Take Pleasure In Whale Watching – Alongside the land-based attractions, Newport Beach is also the home of the most pristine whale watching. Cruise out to get the view of giant blue whales if you plan a trip during summers or falls and gray whales during winters and springs.
  4. Drop By Laguna Beach – Laguna Beach, with its coves and beaches, is another spot to visit during your luxury yacht journey. At the spot, you can spend a good time snorkeling, swimming, have a playful time with water toys, or relax on the yacht. During the initial hours of darkness, you can head ashore to explore the city’s unique boutiques and specialty shops or visit one of its distinct eateries.
  5. Get The Pleasure To See The “Newport Harbor Christmas Parade Cruise” – Whether you are planning a family fun time or an office event this Christmas, exploring Newport Beach Boat Parade is the ideal thing to consider. It is an event you should not miss if you are a fan of Christmas lights. This custom began more than a hundred years back with circa a dozen vessels floating on the water decorated with lights and ornaments. But, with the 2021 Boat Parade, you can expect several boats of various sizes with spectacular and distinctive displays. For this custom, it is usual to see the yacht owners spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the ornamental decorations of their vessels. Boats of all sizes participate in the Parade: from huge multimillion-dollar yachts to canoes to kayaks. The Newport Harbor Christmas Parade Cruise is the most anticipated celebration of the Christman season in Southern California.

How to book the right crewed yacht?

The right way to make sure you have a wonderful experience is to shortlist three to four yacht charter companies and compare the services, packages, excretions, and so on the companies offer. Don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team for help if you have any queries or concerns.

Southern California is moderately warm all year long. However, you can plan a yacht trip almost anytime you prefer. But, Christmas Holidays are the best time for booking a luxury yacht charter, mainly to explore the Newport Harbor Christmas Parade Cruise. There are also other ports along the Pacific Coast of San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami.

The most important thing to consider before booking a yacht is the type and size of the vessel, and it should be sizable to fit your number of guests. Besides, it should be equipped with everything you need. OC Yacht rentals – an expert yacht consultant can help you plan your bespoke itinerary in the best way possible. Besides, a luxury yacht rental will create a customized yachting itinerary you might enjoy.

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