Using Dash Cam Footage as Evidence in Personal Injury Claims

While we all try to avoid getting into car accidents, most drivers will get into at least one accident in their lifetime, be it hitting a pedestrian, motorcyclist, cyclist, or another car. When these accidents happen, you need to prove that you were not at fault, especially when you would like to file a personal injury suit. While there are different types of evidence that you can provide, dashcam footage has proven to be reliable and is getting increasingly common in personal injury suits.

Dash Cams Are Pricey but Worth It

Purchasing a proper dashcam and having it properly installed is pricey, but the dashcam will be worth it in case of an accident. Dashcam footage can be used to show who was at fault for the accident and give you an even stronger case. When you bring it to the personal injury lawyers at Romanucci and Blandin, for example, they will combine it with other evidence to help build a case around all of this collective evidence. Do note that your lawyer will advise you against using the dashcam footage if it is not completely clear who was at fault.

Ensuring Dashcam Footage Helps Your Case

There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want the dashcam footage to help you. The first one is that the dashcam should have a timestamp of the time and date the accident happened. This is very important as it proves the sequence of events and provides proof that the accident happened at the date and time described. If the dashcam also provides location data, that is even better.

Second, the dashcam footage should be clear. It should capture the car, its license plate and other details as clearly as possible. It is not enough to have the make and model of the car you got into an accident with because that can introduce doubt and weaken your case.

Lastly, the dashcam should be mounted properly. This means it should be mounted on the car’s dashboard or windshield and should not be obstructed.

Insurance Claims

If you will be filing an insurance claim alongside your personal injury claim, then the dashcam footage can also come in handy here. Dashcam footage that proves you are not at fault can increase the amount you receive from your insurance company. In some cases, you might need your lawyer to sort out the exact details and mounts with the involved insurance company or companies.

Use In Settlement and In Court

If the footage is of sufficient quality and shows who is at fault, the other party may choose to settle without going to court in light of the overwhelming evidence. If the case does go to trial, the judge will need to watch the footage beforehand to see if it should be presented to a jury. If your footage is good enough, it will likely be brought to the jury’s attention.

Every driver should have a dashcam installed. Dashcam footage can be a very important piece of evidence in personal injury cases as well as when making an insurance claim.

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