Why You Shouldn’t You Hire Friends to Work Your Wedding

If there is one mistake that many people do when planning their weddings is letting their friends work on their big day – the wedding. There is no doubt about that. It’s a common trap that you ought to avoid at cost lest you want to be disappointed big time at the end of the day. You might be surprised to realize that some friends can disappoint you even on something as small as creatively coming up with a wedding monogram. In most cases, couples engage their friends as one way of reducing their wedding costs. But much as it is a way of reducing expenses because they will charge less or offer the services for free, it is not an advisable way to go.

Here are some proven reasons as to why you shouldn’t hire friends to work on your wedding.

Of course, your friends know you, but they might not know much about weddings

There’s no single doubt that your friends, especially those close ones, know you very much. They might know you to the extent of knowing what you like and what you don’t like, right? But the million-dollar question here is, how much do they know about wedding planning or weddings in general? Do they know even something as small as where to get or hire wireless uplighting for instance? Do they?

Let’s assume, for instance, you allowed one of your friends to MC your wedding. Will they know how to coordinate the whole event? Will they know how to cue in the DJ? Do they have that courage to cheer up the crowd for your big day? From these few leading questions, will picking a friend for MCing your wedding be a hit or a miss? Well, most probably, it’ll be a miss. And, not just a miss but a big one!

Some legality issues might stand in the way

There are some roles that your friends cannot work on in your wedding because of legality issues. Take an example of the person to officiate your wedding – they must be licensed to do that.

If you let a person who’s not licensed officiate your wedding, that marriage will not be legally binding and that’s not what you want.

Friends might turn the whole event to their own or be about them

While this can be a bit contested especially on some things like creating a wedding monogram, it is also true that some friends can see the event and assigned roles as an opportunity of making the whole event about themselves or what they like. For instance, let say you picked a friend to take care of photography in your wedding and this guy is so much into creative shooting, chances are they might be turned off from your wedding by some beautiful sunsets and concentrate on that and miss capturing some important parts of your wedding ceremony.

Friends might necessarily be professionals in areas that you’ll assign them

You will certainly agree with the fact that there is a huge difference between working with professionalism in areas of their specializations and amateurs assigned to do the same work, right? However, friends or family members might tempt you with wanting to take up the roles at a free charge or heavily discounted charges but rest assured chances of being disappointed at the end of the day will be very high.

It may not take a professional to fix a wireless uplighting but the way such a professional will do it, for instance, is different from how an amateur will. The results will speak for themselves. There are many more things that your friends can flop at if left to handle. Take, for example, dealing with suppliers and the way some of them can be funny. A friend who is not experienced in wedding planning and handling might fall into their traps and end up paying for substandard services or items.

You might not confront your friends if you are not happy with their services

That’s a fact. You might not have enough guts to confront your friends in case they don’t do things as you’d wanted or agreed because of that friendship between you guys. This is not the case when dealing with vendors or suppliers. You will outrightly tell them off if you’re pissed on how they are doing things or if they end up doing things different from what you’d paid for. That’s your right.

If, for instance, a friend messes up with setup or doesn’t turn  the wedding uplighting and they do not show in the middle of the ceremony, you might end up swallowing that anger and disappointment because you care more about the friendship.

With these few reasons, it’s evident that hiring professionals as opposed to your friends to work on your wedding will save you a lot and help maintain your friendship – the more reason you should not even think of hiring friends in your wedding planning and handling.

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