How Does Weather Affect Curly Hair?

When it comes to weather, curly hair does well. It gets curlier in the heat, it stays warm when it’s cold, and if it’s raining, well you don’t need a hat as you do with straightened hair or a blow-dry like you do with messy hair. In most cases, they will wiggle their way back to former glory if you just let them be.

However, climate does play a major part in curly hair care and whether their curls are looking stunning, or whether they are lying limp and dead off of their scalp. The reason for this is humidity. Too much humidity makes curly hair go a little crazy and hard to control. It’s when a dry climate sets in that you’ll experience the limp problem.

Below listed are a few simple tips for curly hair care:

Dry Winter Season

It is also difficult to deal with thirsty curls. Lack of moisture and humidity can actually cause curls to turn limp. The curls will require moisture and hydration in the winter when the air will be dry and cold. Leave-in conditioners and primers are absolute essentials in the winter season and will help to encourage those curls. Always remember to buy naturally curly hair products. Hydrating masks can also help immensely in moisturizing and replenishing flat and limp curls in extremely dry and cold weather.

These masks are loaded with super moisturizing ingredients and provide all the essential elements required to keep your curls feeling soft and bouncy. Avoid frequent hair washing in the winter season. Limit your hair was routine to once or twice a week, this can also help you in retaining the natural moisture of your hair. Also, try to avoid heat styling products in winters.

Harsh Summer Season

As your skin can become sunburnt, so can your hair. Natural UV filters such as shea butter and sesame oil are often found in cosmetics. It is important to note that while many hair products claim to protect your hair from the sun unless they have a sunscreen rating or contain known sunscreen ingredients, these claims can just be marketing hype.

Wearing a stylish hat or scarf is the best curly hair care tip if you plan to be out in the sun for more than an hour. Applying soak-up conditioners or deep conditioners can help immensely to protect your hair in the summer season. Follow a frequent hair wash and conditioning routine to keep your curls away from sweat and dust.

Pamper your curly tresses in harsh hot weather. Don’t fight the curl, just hydrate your curls and be one with Mother Nature – buy naturally curly hair products this season and enjoy a laid-back summer.

Is Humidity Bad for Curly Hair?

Question like “Is humidity bad for curly hair?” is common among people with curls. Your hair can tell you exactly how humid the air is without checking the weather forecasts. Humidity weather can turn pretty curls into frizzy fuzzy hair. It is quite common that you step outside with perfect curls, only to find them flat and limp against your head just a few minutes later. Dealing with curly hair care in humid weather can be challenging, but it’s not possible to stay under the protection of your air conditioner, indoors forever.

Apply an anti-frizz cream or serum after washing your hair. Such creams offer additional hydration, and applying them on wet hair may allow the product to better penetrate the hair cuticle. Go for hairstyles with a braid or bun that pulls your hair up. It is a stylish way to look great and beat the humidity in an effortless way.

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What weather is best for curly hair?

Ideal weather for curly hair would be a moderate temperature with the right amount of humidity and a good air quality index so your curls won’t be sucking up a bunch of pollutants. Also, it shouldn’t be too windy so that you can go for any hairstyle you choose to do.

Closing Comments

Embrace the curls and love them how they are. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are long and lanky, others are curvy like to be the center of attention, and others stick out! All of them are different and have their own personalities, and you love them just the way they are. With a little understanding and a lot of curly hair care, you can have those perfect bouncy curls in all seasons.


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